digital art, film & documentary, social justice, cultural practice


A mixed-media VJ + global-jazz music performance with documentary narratives reflecting on human rights and migration post-Brexit

The Poppy Retake

Video art installation connecting World War I with colonial narratives, spirits from the dead and video war games.

Footprint Modulation

Art, interventions and conference exploring climate change, global justice and human displacement across five venues in Durham.

Chamada From Chico Mendes

Interactive Digital Carnival Installation inspired by environmental activism stories from across the world - including Chico Mendes.

Climate Justice, Science & Refugees

An award-winning project inolving academics, scientists, artists and refugees.

Metaceptive is now at CROSSING FOOTPRINTS!

Film Production & Documentary

Compelling film and video is at the heart of Metaceptive: documentaries, artists film and drama. Understanding the subject and story, driving a vibrant process within tight time and budget constraints.

Digital Art & Exhibition

Metaceptive innovates with digital media and interactivity in a variety of creative projects. Work by the director Kooj has been exhibited internationally and includes curation, gallery installation, hybrid methods and work with live performance.

Social engagement & education

With over 30 years of experience working in social and community contexts, Metaceptive can provide critical sensitivity in building worthwhile voices that articulate important contexts and issues.

Current and Recent Projects

"The Poppy Retake" - coercion into war, involving an African woman who finds herself caught between colonial narratives from WWI, spirits from the dead and video war games.

Opportunity for Manchester anti-racism and social justice advocates to influence our public spaces

An inspiring panel of speakers including journalist Gary Younge, Historians Hakim Adi and Alan Rice, and youth worker Kerin Morris ...
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Climate Change, Migration and DR Congo

How does climate change affect DR Congo and the chain of migration, what is the colonial context for this and ...
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Climate Migration and DR Congo – where do we go?

A thought provoking discussion exploring the topic of Climate Migration and DR Congo, illustrated with music performed online. An event ...
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Viva Declaration! counters post-Brexit threats against human rights

A new music and multimedia performance raises the bar against the anti-human rights and anti-migration agenda hoisted onto Brexit.  Viva ...
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In Humanity: borders, detention, human rights

In Humanity art installation and exhibition1st - 23rd February 2020 at People's History Museum, Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3ER ...
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Migration Justice event featuring Declaration performance

Respected activist Viraj Mendis, video and music artists Tagné+Kooj and playwright-poet Louise Wallwein MBE are on the bill at a ...
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Poppy Retake at M-Shed Bristol 10th April-7th May

The Poppy Retake and other work exploring Colonies, Militarism and WWIAt M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN ...
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Cuts Of The Cloth dystopian play with projected visuals

Written by Hafsah Aneelah Bashir, directed by Nikki Mailer, with visual projections and sound design by Kooj Chuhan/Metaceptive Media. Produced ...
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Transnational Justice: activism, practice, theory

Before talking about Transnational Justice let's first remember the obvious, simply that we are ruled by laws. So the major ...
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Uncommon Ground crumbled at the seams

A one-day symposium about socially engaged arts and cultural democracy titled Uncommon Ground crumbled upon the slightest scrutiny, and left ...
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