CAN-DO Training 2020 – materials and resources from Kooj

UNIT 5: Self-Employment, operating as a business

To download my Powerpoint presentations:

Part 1 – 16th November: >> CLICK HERE <<

Part 2 – 17th November: >> CLICK HERE <<

Digital photography and media using a mobile phone (session on 27th October)

To download the handout: >> CLICK HERE <<

UNIT 3: Project Planning and Design

To download my Powerpoint presentations:

Part 1 – 13th October: >> CLICK HERE <<

Part 2 – 19th October: >> CLICK HERE <<

Part 3 – 20th October: >> CLICK HERE <<

My sample budget is also available >> CLICK HERE <<

Samples of successful Arts Council Applications:

This is now password protected as the Arts Council have stipulated that this cannot be shared publicly. To gain access, please ask Katherine at CAN for the password and then >> CLICK HERE <<
Also note that the downloadable files will be deleted at the end of the course.

22nd Sept: Course Induction session

Here are a few links to group artists’ pages that might help us work out what kind of online presentation we should create at the end of the CAN_DO Training course:

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