Bremen videos for Climate Connections

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Below you will find a set of six videos about climate change created by local people in Bremen as part of the Climate Connections project. There was a creative social media ‘Words and Pictures’ competition run by Bremen Library in the Spring of 2021, and these were the winning entries. Whatever was sent in was converted into a video format by digital artist Klaus-dieter Michel using additional imagery and sound where required.

Video still from Bremen videos for Climate Connections

These films were part of a wider Climate Connections set being shown on public screens in Oldham and Manchester Central Libraries until 6th November 2021 during COP26. These Bremen videos for Climate Connections have already been shown for two weeks at Bremen and Hamburg Libraries in Germany.

This project was a partnership between Oldham Library (UK) and Bremen Library (Germany) within a Libraries scheme titled Building Bridges. The main community partner was an Arabic women’s group called Arabischer Frauenbund. The other key partners were Community Arts North West and Hamburg Library. In the UK this project also linked into the Libraries of Sanctuary initiative, with a focus on supporting migrant and refugee members of local communities.

Six Bremen videos for Climate Connections

Can Be Almost Used For Anything by Ahmad and Fares

Starting From Myself by Hiam Oudeh

Bon Appetit by Obada and Rouqaia Alhazzouri

Pollution and Climate by Malak

Memories Views Wishes by Rebekka Warnecke

Protect the Environment by Nada

Selected additional entries:

This picture sent to us from Lujain:

This picture sent to us from Malik Qader:

This video sent to us from Sama:

Also this link to a video sent to us from Sarab:

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