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You can use these pictures, add words to them, and if you can combine a few into a sequence of pictures and words you’ve then got a slide-show style video for social media. We’ve included some guides below on how to create it.

Popular Media


To edit a video for social media using easy and simple tools, try the following:

Adobe Express – for PC, Mac and iPhone (but not available as an app for Android)
First sign in or sign up at .
Then go here . Then don’t pick a template just choose ‘start from scratch’.
Or just go here
and then click the big blue + (plus) near the top left, then under ‘Create new’ choose video.

GoPro Quik video and photo editor – very simple, available as an app for both Android and iOS

Mobile Journalism Manual – this is a fantastic resource for making videos using your mobile phone

You can also try Canva, Animoto, Movavi, Power Director. Here are some reviews for editing software:

Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps For Your Phone!

Finding pictures

Try to always use picture that are a large size, at least 800 pixels on the shortest side.

Also try and use pictures that are creative commons or public domain, so there are no copyright problems in using them. You set your image searches for this option. Here are some good places to search:

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