Digital Art & Exhibition

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metaHlpMetaceptive’s work through its director Kooj Chuhan has a strong profile in creative multimedia. Over the years Kooj has become familiar with a range of digital media software such as Final Cut / Premiere, Director, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Isadora, Resolume / Modul8, Dreamweaver, Encore / DVD Studio, WordPress and others.  He has presented work and papers at a number of ISEA symposia, Futuresonic / Future Everything, SIGGRAPH, and other conferences such as by the EU; he has taught interactive creative media at HE level such as Chester College and LIPA, at FE level such as Oldham College, and has developed new media strands of work and training with organisations such as Lets Go Global and Community Arts North West.  He also made a half-hour documentary of ISEA2006 (the first Zero-One festival) in San Jose and has developed a network of contacts across the UK and other countries including India, Peru, USA, Brazil, Paris, Bangladesh, Latvia, Turkey, Australia.

Selected Exhibitions

  •          HOME arts centre  Manchester 2018 – “Hostile Detainment” performed protest enactment
  •          Manchester Central Library  2017 – “The Poppy Retake” video installation – colonialism and WWI
  •          5 theatres across UK  2015 – “Ethical People Movement” video art for ‘Continent Chop Chop’ tour
  •          5 Venues in Durham  2015 – “Footprint Modulation” exhibition on climate migration (as curator-director)
  •          The Vale  Mossley, Gtr Manchester 2015 – ‘Chamada From Chico Mendes’ interactive video-audio art
  •          Doh Mix Meh Up  Oxford 2014 Diaspora Arts Exhibition – “Buy This (v3)” video installation
  •          Manchester Museum  2013  – “90 Degree Citizen” (as curator / producer) artworks by refugees
  •          Monitor 9  South Asian Visual Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada 2013 – “Buy This (v3)” video installation
  •          Z-Arts  Manchester 2013  – “Committed To Represent” portable panels of photography and texts 
  •          Turnpike Gallery  Leigh, UK 2012  – “Infusion” set of installations with video, photography, text, banners
  •          Platforma Festival  London 2011  – “Buy This (v3)” video installation with accompanying performance
  •          Bcubico Art Centre  Recife, Brazil 2011  – “Resonance” interactive ROM installation
  •          Delhi International Arts Festival  2010 – selected artists’ films for the Academy of Electronic Arts
  •          Arnolfini Gallery  Bristol 2009  – “The Centre Cannot Hold” multimedia installation + performances
  •          SIGGRAPH 2007  San Diego, USA  – “What If I’m Not Real” multi-screen installation + performances
  •          Asian Contemporary Art Week  American Museum of Folk Art, New York, USA 2006 – “Rekindle I”
  •          Watermans Arts Centre  London 2005  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation
  •          The Manchester Museum  2004  – “From H To O” interactive projected installation
  •          Espace Multimedia Gantner  Bourogne, France 2003 – “Resonance” (permanent acquisition)
  •          The Manchester Museum  2003  – “Rekindle” installation (commission / permanent acquisition)
  •          The ICA (New Media Centre), London  2002  – “Terminal Frontiers” screen installations
  •          Castlefield Gallery  Manchester 2002  – “What If I’m Not Real” / “Terminal Frontiers” exhibition
  •          “AfterShock” Commonwealth Games art exhibition, Manchester 2002  – “Metamotion” installation
  •          St George’s Hall  Liverpool 2002  – “Boundless Sky” multi-screen dance installation
  •          Manchester United FC Museum 2001 – “From Punjab To Football” video installation
  •          ISEA 2000  Paris, France  – “Resonance” Interactive ROM
  •          Lovebytes  Int’l Electronic Art Festival 1999, Sheffield  – “Resonance” Interactive ROM
  •          Oldham Art Gallery  1999  – “Resonance” multi-screen interactive installations
  •          Video Positive 95 + 97  Festivals, Liverpool  – incl. “Nachural Struggle” interactive ROM installation

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