Giving People A Voice

“Giving People A Voice” comprises 10 short films offering case studies of assistive communication technologies, commissioned by ACE Centres – a national charity.  These have been used to good effect by the charity, and were produced very cost-effectively within very tight time constraints.

Claire03-1000x437The films show the various ways that a range of people at different ages, and with different kinds and levels of impaired communication, can use technologies to assist that may be very simple or very high tech.  These technologies make an absolutely enormous difference to the life chances and quality of the people they work with.  The films are available to watch on the ACE Centres YouTube Channel or via their website at .  (Note: Two of the films are not available for public viewing due to permissions agreements.)

Here are a few available to watch right now.  First, a great profile of Claire who is pursuing a career in theoretical Physics:

Next up is a video about the organisation, the work they do and introducing the various case studies:

Next is a young man called Tiago and his amazing use of Eye-Gaze technology:

Then there is Tamsin who sometimes uses very simple methods that do the job:

Next is Aroob who makes fantastic use of certain apps on a mobile phone:

Next there is Sandip, who has a quite sophisticated use of technology that helps him live and work independently:

Then there is also Patrick – a very lively young man:

Finally there is Darren whose autism would otherwise make him very hard to communicate with or to be able to express himself at all:

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