Communities & Heritage

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CC09screen1Museums work – brief summary
Since 2003 Kooj has created interactive art-works and video productions for the Manchester Museum, where he also developed the methodology for the award-winning “Collective Conversations” web-video project including setting up a mobile multi-camera studio. He worked with a partnership of eight museums and galleries on an educational project around transatlantic slavery, collaborated with Dr Bernadette Lynch for the Museums Association and is currently a consultant for the PHF Open Museums project.

kooj4D_sCommunity-based arts work – brief summary
Kooj’s portfolio of creative work with communities of all kinds is extensive and in depth.  He first worked at Community Arts Workshop in 1984 from a belief in principles of creative democracy.  He has continued in this field ever since, has taught on an HND course “Arts in a Community Context”, has supporting the degree course at LIPA, and was recently Principal Artistic Manager at Community Arts North West.

Educational work – brief summary
In addition to appointments listed below, he has developed a Citizenship module with Lostock High School, developed and taught arts courses at Tameside College and creative modules/projects within primary/secondary schools including media arts residencies such as in Mossley.

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