Declaration: premiere performance at HOME

Tagné & Kooj presents

+ Post-show panel discussion

Declaration live music and video performance by Tagné and Kooj

Part of: Horizons Festival 2019

Tue 18 Jun 2019

Declaration is a musical and visual journey which narrates a statement about the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The piece is driven by music composed and performed by Tagné Tebu, a multi-instrumentalist with a mix of jazz, African, Latin and Indo-Arabic influences. Featuring live projections from video artist Kooj Chuhan using poetic sequences and documentary clips.

Expect sections of free jazz improvisation, click-drum-triggering of audio speech loops, rich textures, daring rhythms and evocative melodic structures. The music will interweave around a mix of recorded and live spoken monologues by detainees, campaigns for work rights, human rights activists and legal case-workers.

Commissioned by HOME.

Event details

After the show join us for a panel discussion which asks, where do we go with human rights after Brexit? Where should we have been, how are refugees affected by human rights laws and what are we destroying if we water down these very basic rights?
Speakers will include Denise McDowell, currently director of Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, members of These Walls Must Fall campaign against immigration detention, and local artist, filmmaker and activist Kooj Chuhan who founded Virtual Migrants and Metaceptive.


Here are some photos of the first performance at the HOME arts centre in Manchester on 18th June 2019 as a part of Horizons Festival (Refugee Week).

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