Documentary Film on Art, Climate, Migration: Footprint Modulation exhibition

Footprint Modulation: the film

A film which brings to life the ground-breaking exhibition ‘Footprint Modulation’ of art and interventions exploring Climate Change, Global Justice and Migration.  This project critically connected artists and cultural venues with researchers, activists, communities and documentary media to interrogate, expose, humanise and discuss this compelling and increasingly urgent issue.

 ‘Footprint Modulation’: the documentary (28 mins)

Artists, researchers, theorists and activists speaking in the film: Shahidul Alam, Prof David Held, Tracey Zengeni, Prof Wendy Brown, Jane Trowell (Platform), Alex Randall (UKCCMC), Kooj Chuhan, Dr Andrew Baldwin, Apu and Murad Chowdhury, Dr François Gemenne, Mazaher R, Dr Koko Warner, Craig Barclay (Oriental Museum in Durham), Dr Ilan Kelman, Sai Murray, Dr Elizabeth Ferris, Sonali Narang, Dr Ademola Oluborode Jegede, Selina Nwulu, Dave Douglass, Janet Stewart.  [additional thanks / credits see below * ]

Documentary Film on Art, Climate, Migration: screenings of ‘Footprint Modulation’

INTERESTED TO SCREEN THIS FILM?  Please contact us via .  If you are a funded group or organisation, we would appreciate a voluntary fee or donation.  We intend to expand this exhibition and show it in other cities, please get in touch if you might be interested to host it or to have it shown in your area.

Human Migration and the Environment conference: the film

The exhibition culminated in a landmark international conference at Durham University titled ‘Human Migration and the Environment: Futures, Politics, Invention’. A sister video about this conference has also been produced (contains less than 5 mins in total of footage shared with the above film):

Full details about this conference are available at:

‘Linking Climate Change with Migration’ public event 2016: the video

This video is of the panel presentations at Kings College which began with a screening of the film ‘Crossing Footprints’ by Kooj Chuhan.  The climate migration discussion panel included Richard Black, Zita Holbourne, Andrew Baldwin, Alex Randall and Kooj Chuhan; chaired by Helen Adams.  The ‘Crossing Footprints’ film shown at the event can be seen above in two parts as the Footprint Modulation documentary and the Human Migration And The Environment documentary.  This video of the panel presentations is approx 40 mins long:

>> Full details about the event ‘Linking Climate Change with Migration’

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* Thanks to all the artists and venues, speakers including Dave Douglass (Durham Miners’ Association) and Janet Stewart (CVAC), and special thanks to Maya Chowdhry, Mazaher R, Charlotte Lee, Mark Ruddell, Nigel Hulett / Granadilla Films (Zimbabwe), Transition Durham, DRIK (Bangladesh) and Virtual Migrants.  Thanks also for the support from Alex Randall and the UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition. Actors appearing in ‘The Level’ by Mazaher R were Jamil Keating, Afreena Islam and Toby White.

Copyright 2016, Metaceptive / Kooj Chuhan.  All rights reserved.  Full details of the ‘Footprint Modulation’ exhibition at .

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