New climate voices from Greater Manchester

The culmination of Climate Connections 2021 is a series of ultra-short social media videos by new climate voices – where under represented voices express their views on climate change and justice. They include:

Can we talk about Climate, Conflict & Resources in Africa, as drivers of migration?‘ by Emmanuela Yogolelo (an artists’ micro-commission)
Years Of Bad Habits‘ a Bangladesh focus by Murad Chowdhury (an artists’ micro-commission)
Action Is Needed‘ by members of Oldham Lifelong Learning Service
‘Old Versus New: Technology, Pollution and Climate Change‘ – by Fatima Womens Association collaborating with Sufi singer, musician and composer Sarah Yaseen
From Bremen (Germany) also a set of six films from migrant communities.

These were originally screened during our event Voices For Action in Oldham (UK) on 25th September 2021 as a part of Great Big Green Week . The entire series are being shown on public screens in #Oldham and Manchester Central Libraries until 6th November 2021 during COP26. Previously these Bremen videos were shown for two weeks at Bremen and Hamburg Libraries in Germany.

NEW CLIMATE VOICES - Video still from 'Can we talk about Climate, Conflict & Resources in Africa' by Emmanuela Yogolelo for the Clomate Connections project

These Climate Connections project videos are gradually being released on social media from now and will complete during COP26 in November. The videos created by local people in Bremen can be found at . The videos created by new climate voices from Oldham (UK) and by artists from Greater Manchester are presented below.

New Climate Voices on video:

Can we talk about Climate, Conflict & Resources in Africa, as drivers of migration?
A video by Emmanuela Yogolelo

Linking #climatechange, #migration, resource exploitation and #BlackHistory, this was filmed in DR Congo at end August 2021 by Manchester singer Emmanuela Yogolelo. It’s a part of her ongoing exploration of #ClimateMigration, we’re showing it as a part of #LibrariesOfSanctuary, #climateconnections, #BlackHistoryMonth and following up on #GreatBigGreenWeek . She says, “while many people are quick to denounce migration and even think that the cause of poverty/suffering in developing nations is laziness and lack of intelligence, only few people spotted the link between migration and climate change, the link between capitalism and the destruction of the environment or the link between Western’s greedy of raw materials and cheap labour in developing countries and wars, armed conflicts and all the atrocities that come with war.” Created with narrative collaboration and editing from Kooj Chuhan.

Years Of Bad Habits
Focusing on Bangladesh by Murad Chowdhury

Using photographs taken in #Bangladesh by himself and others, Murad Chowdhury creates a strong visual statement about the experience of #climate and #GlobalWarming by some of the poorest in the world. He takes aim at who is responsible and urges us to become more active. Released here during #COP26 where it could not be more relevant. We’re showing it as a part of #LibrariesOfSanctuary and #ClimateConnections . Murad says, “My artwork is about how climate change is affecting poorer countries all over the world and the lives of less fortunate people. Big companies are getting bigger and richer, however, the poorest are suffering. We all need to do our part in taking responsibility and take care of our environment.”

Burning Coal – by Sarah Yaseen
A live solo music performance by Sufi-soul singer Sarah Yaseen

A song about COAL as we near the end of #COP26, by Sufi-soul singer Sarah Yaseen. #Coal is responsible for more #emissions than anything else including oil. Sarah is a Manchester-based singer-songwriter and climate change activist, with #Kashmiri / #Pakistani family heritage. She says, “I represent womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood, parenthood and human hood through my voice. I recognise that it’s a powerful tool and thus, it is time to use it and awaken my community of the ‘Age of The #Anthropocene’.”

Action Is Needed
Words and images from Oldham Lifelong Learning members

This video features 25 local people exploring #GlobalWarming and #ClimateChange for the first time. These participants are from low-income communities with small carbon footprints. Three groups from #Oldham Lifelong Learning took part in education and media workshops run by Kooj Chuhan using methods that made these issues relevant to their direct experience.The process involved selecting photographs, and writing text about #ClimateJustice. They then each created ultra-short videos which were re-edited into this longer film – screened during #GreatBigGreenWeek . There is something from every member here, ensuring their voices are added to the wider range of views being expressed across the world.

Old Versus New: Technology, Pollution and Climate Change
by Fatima Womens Association collaborating with Sufi singer, musician and composer Sarah Yaseen

A video from the #ClimateConnections project working with #Pakistani women in #Oldham . Their initial thoughts on #ClimateChange are critical of modern tech and through the creative process they’ve reflected on older climate friendly systems. Education and discussion was facilitated and delivered by the #Sufi singer Sarah The Sufi resulting in this vibrant and thoughtful short video, including some powerful Urdu poetry by Zafar Iqbal Zafar, and screened during #GreatBigGreenWeek .

Link to videos from Bremen:

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